Trip to Warsaw, Poland (picture post)

Everyone I’ve heard discussing Poland always seems to say “Krakow is nicer”. I visited both Warsaw and Krakow, and ended up preferring Warsaw. They’re both gorgeous, but it was the Old Town in Warsaw that sealed the deal.

I approached the Old Town from Krakowskie Przedmieście, which is one of the most prestigious streets in the capital and it is pristine and such a nice walk, filled with gorgeous hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes and churches.

As I got to the end and saw the Old Town come into view, I felt like I was walking into a fairytale.

About 85% of the town was destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. After the war, the town was restored almost completely to what it is today.


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MH17: The blame game continues, but where is the evidence?

Here’s the thing about MH17: there’s still no real proof of who did it.

Well, unless you’re counting the secret “evidence” the US supposedly had approximately three seconds after it happened.

If this evidence is as “overwhelming” as we’re told, where is it?

Well, let’s see.

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Flight MH17 and the Russian-American blame game

People stand next to the wreckages of th...People stand next to the wreckages of the malaysian airliner carrying 295 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur after it crashed, near the town of Shaktarsk, in rebel-held east Ukraine, on July 17, 2014. Pro-Russian rebels fighting central Kiev authorities claimed on Thursday that the Malaysian airline that crashed in Ukraine had been shot down by a Ukrainian jet. AFP PHOTO/DOMINIQUE FAGETDOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images

With the Americans jumping to blame the Russians, and the Russians jumping to blame the Ukrainians for the MH17 disaster, it’s pretty tempting to pick a side and move on, but the more I watch the news coverage of all this, the more I’m struck by just how much both sides have begun to propagandise the incident, with complete disregard for the fact that no one actually knows anything.

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Two Favourite Poems

I recently got a notification to say that my domain name needs to be renewed within the next couple of weeks and it reminded me that I have completely stopped posting on this blog lately (too busy etc.)

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Is Western Media Being Fair on #Sochi2014?

With all the recent talk of #‎SochiProblems on Twitter — which are completely legitimate complaints and should be reported on — I still can’t help but feel as though there’s something a bit too gleeful about the way western media has been covering the run up to the games.

Previews - Winter Olympics Day -2

I’ve laughed at the hilarious tweets from journalists discovering hotels without lobbies, toilets without dividing walls and doorknobs falling off in people’s hands as much as the next person has laughed — because yes, it’s funny, and yes, clearly the preparations have been hugely mismanaged. I’ve even put together a Twitter list with nearly 30 prominent journalists who are tweeting out their Sochi experiences, which you can follow here if you’re interested. Continue reading

Back in action

It feels like it’s been forever since I posted anything here (in reality it’s been about three weeks).

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